A blog is born… let the fun begin.

A time to give birth, and a time to die;
    a time to plant, and a time to uproot the plant. Eccl. 3:2

I have to laugh at the timing of this. Three years ago my youngest was born and today I am birthing a blog. Just like with a newborn, you never know quite what is coming next. It’s exciting and terrifying all in the same breath.

Let me start by introducing myself:

My name is Laura and I married to my long time sweetheart Jeff and the “best mommy i got” to two fabulously sassy kids that are 5 and 3. I love volunteering for boards, committees, or any group I find myself in. It’s a serious problem. I have been on steering committees for my local MOPS group, I have also been co-ordinator/founder of a Catholic Moms Group, involved with my homeowners association, card toting PTA remember… Then I have been working for the last year to complete a book “Moving To Fort Myers: The Un-Tourist Guide”, it has been a long process of learning how to tackle a large project of that scope and also pressed me to find a family and work balance (which I still am looking for). I am eternally grateful for the opportunity and the support from my husband, kids, and super patience publisher. I am so eager to complete this project and bring it to the market place!!!

-all for now-


blogging … there is an appointed time for everything…

i have always worried about putting myself out there. i like to make sure things are perfect before i start, or rather “finish” things. i like to test the waters as i go, slow and steady. i am a people pleaser, so feedback is important to me, maybe more important then it should be at times, so i will need to stay humble and keep an eye on that.

what i have decided to do is to walk through my 2017 goals, then share them with my perhaps my church moms group for accountability and then also include my daughter in the planning and documenting of these goals. it would be amazing to have her create and accomplish some goals too. we will practice and see how it goes.

goal planning is a skill i believe is overlooked and what better way for  us all to have a joy filled year, then to plan it out. plus life is short, i want ours to be purposeful and filled with hope and joy for the future no matter what comes our way.

…and there is a time for every season under heaven… Eccl. 3:1



let 2017 begin with hope & joy

i have had this blog for YEARS. i have wanted to start numerous times, but fear always crept in and it never got started. this year this HOPE that amazing things will happen and i want to capture every moment of it. the good bad and ugly.

not sure what has changed, but today is the day to start anew. if tomorrow I fail, then the new day will bring a second chance to get it right. getting it right happens when you take action and atleast try.  this past year with new adventures of kindergarten for my oldest and part-time preschool for my youngest, while writing a book, manage the household, spend time with my church community, and spend time with the family and friends –  people i dearly care about has led to commitment burnout. i am exhausted and feel like nothing has been accomplished even though i know i have done a lot. the vocation of child rearing aka parenting is a 24/7 job and can be extremely demanding!

so where to start?